A thought occurred to me the other day. A brewers job basically (I write this at the risk of oversimplifying the brewing process, but none the less) is to take a living organism and to place them into a specifically designed environment. This environment must not only be conducive to said organism’s survival but can also be manipulated to achieve a desired effect.

A Brewer must understand that environment is everything. Proper nutrition, plenty of oxygen and a nice moderate temperature are just a few key things needed in order to create a happy, positive place for these organisms to live in. In turn creating a more productive organism, and for that matter a more desired product. I believe this to be a universal rule, and have begun to incorporate it into my own life.

I’m eating better quality, more nutritious food, plenty of exercise, which has led to me getting out side and exploring more of the absolutely awesome environment that we live in. Maybe most importantly I try to keep a positive attitude and be around other positive happy people. I believe this is having a desired effect on my life and I look forward to doing what I love every day. Brewing the best quality product I possibly can. One of the many lessons I have taken from my craft, a lesson from the ferment.

Yours truly, and cheers

Dr. Beergood